Five weird things you don’t know about smiling

In this article AAA Orthodontics in Albany Creek and Strathpine presents some interesting and quirky facts about the smile throughout history and how smiling can affect your day-to-day life. If you want to start achieving a smile you can be confident about or to correct a crooked smile of a family member, please do not hesitate to contact the team at AAA Orthodontics in Strathpine and Albany Creek.

Smiling is something that largely comes as second nature. Often we do not even think before a smile is animated on our face, basically it ‘just happens’

At AAA Orthodontics in Albany Creek and Strathpine we have dedicated our careers to keeping smiles healthy and beautiful. As well as taking care of our patients’ pearly whites, our dental professionals are also interested in some of the quirky facts and histories behind the smile.

 Monkeying around


Esteemed primalogist Signe Preuschoft suggests that smiling can be traced back over 30 million years.  Preuschoft suggests that the evolution of the smile originates with a ‘fear grin’, which is a facial expression amongst monkeys and apes. The ‘fear grin’ is an expression where the primate exposes clenched teeth in order to convey a harmless impression to predators.

“Say cheese” or maybe you should “say prunes”


An article from The Economic Times discusses the history of the phrase “say cheese”. According to the article British studios originally asked the subjects of their photographs to “say prunes” in order to produce a smile. This is because this caused the subjects to purse their lips to look like a prune which was largely the style of traditional portraits. Once cameras became more accessible the photo taking process became more casual and smiling was encouraged, thus where “say cheese” comes from.


“A man can smile and smile and be a villain”

– William Shakespeare, Hamlet

Throughout history the smile has been interpreted and re-interpreted to represent a number of different emotions. In fact, smiling can communicate a number of different feelings all in the one gesture, as well as mask a person’s true emotions – even Shakespeare was aware of the intrigue of the smile.


Engaging your muscles


It takes roughly 17 muscles to smile, depending of course on each person and each individual smile. This is compared to the rough average of muscle used to frown, which is around 43 muscles. Perhaps this comparison gives some weight to the notion that it is easier to smile than to give a frown.

 Achieve more with a grin

In a phycology study by Gemma Gladstone and Gordon Parker at the School of Psychiatry titled “When You’re Smiling does the Whole World Smile for You?” it was concluded that:

“Smiling also had a favourable influence upon observer judgements, with subjects who smiled being judged as more likeable and approachable than non-smilers and non-authentic smilers.”

So folks, don’t forget to smile!

In addition to this study, a study released from the University of British Columbia called “Happy Guys Finish Last: The Impact of Emotion Expressions on Sexual Attraction” also reported that:

“Expressions have divergent effects on… attractiveness, which vary by gender but largely hold across age.”

Keeping a beautiful smile for life

At AAA Orthodontics in Albany Creek and Strathpine we are committed to providing comprehensive orthodontic care, from treatments suited to children and teenagers, through to adults who want a discreet and subtle orthodontic treatment. Learning about how important smiling has been throughout history and how it can impact your daily life can serve as a reminder for how crucial it can really be to have a smile that you feel confident about. If you wish to correct crooked or misplaced teeth in your smile, or the smile of a family member, our team can help.

If you want to start achieving a smile you can be confident about please do not hesitate to contact the team at AAA Orthodontics in Strathpine and Albany Creek.

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