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“At AAA Orthodontics we offer the latest technology and techniques, meaning we are able to personalise your treatments in the most suitable way.”

Orthodontist Strathpine QLD

Straightening crooked teeth not only enhance your appearance, it can also improve your bite function and make it easier to maintain and clean your teeth once your treatment is completed. Our goal is always in line with yours as we want our patients to get the very best out of their treatments. We are also committed to making sure that you know what is happening and why, all through your treatment process.


Invisalign is one of the most popular and sought-after orthodontic treatments and has been designed and created to be extremely subtle with adults and teenagers in mind. It involves clear, custom-made aligners that are virtually invisible with no brackets or wires, meaning you have a metal-free smile throughout treatment. With its advanced technology, Invisalign will gradually move your teeth into their desired place. The aligners are also completely removable, letting you maintain your oral health with no difficulties.


Traditional braces are generally considered to be the fastest and most cost-effective way to a straight smile. They are an advantageous treatment as they address the overall health and function of your smile. AAA Orthodontics can correct crooked and crowded teeth, jaw problems and a misaligned bite, eliminating problems you may have with eating, speaking or maintaining your oral health. Braces have continuously been improved and are now sleeker, smaller and more comfortable than previously.

Clear braces

Clear braces are an alternative that are just as strong as traditional metal braces but smaller, transparent and less obvious. Many patients also find these braces more comfortable and with their translucency they blend beautifully with their natural teeth. Since they are far less noticeable, patients may not feel as rushed to complete their orthodontic treatment and will achieve a fantastic result at the end of their treatment.

Incognito™ Lingual Braces

AAA Orthodontics also offer Incognito braces which are fast becoming one of the more popular choices for teeth straightening treatment. This is an effective and discreet treatment that is customised to fit you perfectly. Your orthodontist will place these braces behind your teeth, leaving them hidden and completely invisible to others.  They also offer minimal discomfort and involve fewer adjustments by your orthodontist, but still provide a terrific result.

Orthodontist Strathpine

A large portion of the Australian population has crooked teeth or a misaligned bite and these can only be treated by a qualified orthodontist. At AAA Orthodontics we firmly believe all of our patients can achieve a smile they can be happy with. Our principal orthodontist, Dr Peter McMahon, and his friendly team put all their focus on you to ensure your treatment and care adhere to the highest of levels.

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