Patient Gallery

Discover the kind of results we have been able to achieve for some of our past patients…

Patient 1

Problem: Rotated and flared upper front teeth.
Solution: Fixed braces for 10 months.


Patient 2

Problem: Rotated upper incisor
Solution: Fixed braces for 10 months.


Patient 3

Problem: Upper and lower crowding with displaced eye teeth.
Solution: Fixed braces for 22 months.


Patient 4

Problem: Overlapping front teeth and irregular heights
Solution: Fixed braces 20 months.


Patient 5

Problem: Narrow upper arch.  Back teeth in crossbite.  Irregular front teeth
Solution: Stage I upper fixed expander 7 months.  Stage II fixed braces 9 months.


Patient 6

Problem: Deep bite, upper spacing and upper teeth protruding.
Solution: Stage I functional appliance 14 months.  Stage II fixed braces 19 months.


Patient 7

Problem: Overlapping and rotated front teeth
Solution: Fixed braces for 20 months.


Patient 8

Problem: Rotated and crowded front teeth.  Back teeth in crossbite.
Solution: Stage I fixed expander 4 months.  Stage II Fixed braces 12 months.


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